Everybody starts somewhere, right?

Well, this is the beginning of a whole new world for me. Once again, my ottoman has been moved and I begin from Step 1. That’s ok, I’m getting pretty good at starting over. It seems to be the theme of my 40’s (my 30’s too). In fact, could I be so bold as to say I’m starting to get used to “change.” Oh no, not that word again. In this case, it’s the start of a new creative venture, the “painting furniture” era. I’ve done this before, but not for others or for sale. My pieces have been for myself or my family; no pressure. A little drip, a scratch, a brush hair in the final product, none of that matters really when it’s just your family, right? Well, that’s my take anyway. Kind of similar to my house cleaning values– only really necessary if there’s a party. In fact, there’s no better inspiration for cleaning the house then inviting a whole houseful of people over. Now, when your art is for sale or for presentation for a store, shop or studio, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Big Redphoto 13photo 7This is where the fun started, with Big Red.  If I knew when I started I was going to create a blog about this process, I would have taken a before picture. But, since we’ve learned change happens without announcing herself (ottoman moving), there’s only this gorgeous finished piece. This little gem is like a good flirt who knows how to showcase only her best sides.

Oh, the number of mistakes I made with this initial attempt. The list is long and arduous, but it’s a learning process, right? If you read this list, this could save you from a whole lot of cussing and a whole lot of apologizing to any of the youngsters that might hear you:
Wrong type of paint, never use oil-based paint if you plan on shabby chic’ing the piece.
Red on your first try is a no-no. (It’s just scary because it takes a million and one coats to get it right.)
Sandpaper- 200, 220, what’s the big diff, right? (think Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom pretending he knows about wiring) Wrong! Learn about sandpaper, especially if you are trying to shabby an item.
Preparing the holes correctly for your chosen hardware. Make sure the hole is slightly larger than the size of your hardware screw. I learned the hard way by trying to screw the hardware in and getting it stuck. Multiple times. This led to trying to get it out, which of course led to nicks and scrapes on the drawer front.
Screw length. (Sounds kinky I know. Unfortunately, not in this case.) Pay attention to how long the screw is. If it’s too long, it will be difficult to use the inside of the drawer. If it’s too short, it won’t work at all. Think Goldilocks- it has to be just the right size (ahhh).

Despite all of those mistakes, Miss Big Red was sold within 24 hours of being finished. WOW! Red may be a good color choice after all. Again, the beauty of painting is things can be covered up. The same reason I like winter and warm, chunky, sweaters.

2 thoughts on “Everybody starts somewhere, right?

  1. I love your red dresser and what great knobs. Since you made the comment about oil-based paint, I have to totally agree. Have you tried Annie Sloan chalk paint? It revolutionized painting furniture and is the whole reason I started painting in the first place. There are lots of versions of chalk paint and homemade ones as well. I have made some of my own and used a few other brands but if you want to really experience smoothness and ease, start with the best. Red can be a good seller and I recommend Annie Sloan Provence which is beautiful and eye-catching. Of course, people like white but it is so boring to paint with after awhile. I’m glad you are enjoying writing your blog and welcome to the world of upcyclers.


    1. Thank you! Yes, just started using AS Chalk Paint and I love it! Hard to paint with anything else now. Looking forward to a long relationship with blogging and learning more about painting.

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